the technology

simple solid reliable

No installs, no privacy concerns, no version issues. Works on Android, Apple and even Windows Phones. Or use any tablet or internet connected computer. Nothing to download All payments are handled face to face at the time of the auction with secure hand-held swipers or chip readers. Your guests simply login and get started.

what's it like?

Bidders enter their phone number and a nickname to get started. Our sommeliers and servers serve samples of the wines available at your auction or guests mingle through a room set up with tasting tables. All wines are explained, their stories told, and the auction gets started! If your guests choose to bid, they simply choose the item from the list on their phone and make a bid. If they are out-bid, we immediately send them a text letting them know and they can choose to rebid or lose out. Soon the entire room is buzzing with excitement, everyone bidding, tasting and having a great time.

where does the wine come from?

We are able to provide great wines at a great price. We set a minimum bid at the wholesale price of the wine so you are guaranteed of making money on every auction. If you have specific wines you want to feature, we have relationships with all distributors in Colorado and the license to be able to purchase from them!

why are you doing this?

We developed this tool in response to the hundreds of requests for donations and gift cards we get every year. There are so many in need and we can only give so much away. This is a way to do what we do best while providing a truly POWERFUL way to drive donations to your group. This isn't our business, we hope you enjoy your time at Bitto Bistro and come back, we hope you appreciate the knowledgable crew at the Wine Education Institute and do some workshops or sommelier training, we hope you love the wine that was auctioned and come by some more at our store! We don't need to charge for this service, its great advertising for our unique skillsets and that's enough for us.

what's it cost?

If you are a valid charitable organization, if your cause is truly noble, it doesn't cost anything. Really. The cost of the wine is covered by the minimum bid, everything else raised is yours. Really. Do the quick math on 5 cases of wine being sold for $30-$40 a bottle. Yes that is thousands. If your cause isn't noble, we can still talk about it but it's unlikely we will be able to help you. There are too many valid causes out there that need us.

who wrote this software?

Prior to co-owning wine bars, managing wine shops and owning wine schools, Barney did this sort of stuff. He owns the code, and we really aren't selling your names or anyone's personal information. This is just a tool to help all of us do what we do a little bit easier.